Embody your Power

Learn to fully express yourself.



Free yourself of insecurity, fear of judgement, conditioned patterns of being, and feeling 'small.'

You were born to live BIG.

Explore how creative embodiment is your path to freedom.

Work with me

I'm Shae, and I guide you to claim your most powerful relationship of all. The one with yourself. 


This work will lead you into a more full, authentic, vibrant & radiant expression of who you are - deeply connected to your body, more aware of your inner whispers of intuition, in touch with your truth & purpose, & at peace with your thoughts & inner world.

Tap into your fullest self expression, gain confidence, free yourself from conditioning & insecurity, & fear of judgement,

to connect with the sensual, peaceful, & powerful frequency of who you truly are.

If you feel:

  • Dull & uninspired

  • Stuck in the 'grind' of your daily life

  • Unsure of how to let go of over-controlling

  • Insecure in yourself & always overthinking

  • Unable to 'trust' yourself & life

  • Feeling like you need to be 'perfect' all of the time

  • Anxious & on-edge

  • Stuck in unhealthy relationships patterns - especially attachment & co-dependency

  • Unable to speak up & use your voice powerfully...

Then, embodiment is your answer.

What is embodiment?


It is somatic work. Physically moving through inner transformations in a creative, artistic way. If you don't see yourself as a creative person, that is part of them problem.

This work is about re-connecting you to your creative nature as a being on this earth - who has the power to create the life & relationships you desire.


The Work

We are all searching to feel free.


Free of suffering.


Free to express ourselves fully.


Free in our hearts & minds.


Free from past-programming & conditioning that does not serve you.


Free from limitation.


Free to live and be loved in the most potent way.


To connect with your sensuality.


To reclaim your sovereignty.

This is the freedom frequency.

The frequency of who you really at your core...

Beyond the stories, beliefs, experiences, personality - when you touch freedom beyond that, you feel yourself as the divine. 



Through embodied practices such as free-form dance, meditation & artistic expression, you will learn how to touch the deepest layers of yourself & become free of insecurity, self-doubt, fear, shame, & playing small. 


I’m Shae & I lead online programs, women’s circles, classes, retreats, and 1-1 coaching work with people in this embodiment work. I also work as a coach for masculine & feminine embodiment. 


I draw from Taoism, Buddhist philosophy, cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, somatic movement, and more. My work has been influenced by the likes of Alan Watts, Thich Nhat Hahn, Eckhart Tolle Wayne Dyer, David Deida, John Wineland, Alison Armstrong, among others. 


For inspiration, special offers, & more, stay in touch! 

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