Embodied Mastery


You are invited

To a journey of awakening

Awakening your fullest potential. 

Your most free, authentic expression.

A new way of moving through the world.

To live from a mindful, embodied, free, & empowered state of being.


You can experience this.

It is available to you...

The deep inner peace...

beyond the mental turmoil, overwhelm, stress, and fear… that can be yours.

The full-power expression...

that is the real YOU; beyond the stories, limiting beliefs, insecurities, & limitations… you can claim this.

To speak from your power...

owning your truth & allowing yourself to express it clearly, from grounding, integrity & love… this can be your reality of relating.


you've read books (ok, a LOT of books). Maybe you've gone to the seminars, trainings, workshops, courses, classes... & did feel a change, but then after a few weeks (or days) things go back to the same.

...The same patterns, habits, thoughts, & insecurities that keep you from feeling FREE. 

Free to speak up.

Free to create the life you desire.

Free to go after your goals.

Free to live on your terms.

Free to find peace from fear of judgement & shame.

Free to be ALL of you - the YOU that you know you truly are…


Why does this happen?

Because knowledge is only ONE part of the equation.


WISDOM is knowledge embodied.

Embodiment is the missing piece.

What is embodiment?

Quite simple, actually. It is PUTTING into practice - into your body, into your life, into your everyday moments - all that you learn. 

This is why a weekend course can fall flat & land us back to the same routines. 

This is where mentorship journeys come in.

Re-programming your thoughts, beliefs & actions to be in line with your most aligned values is a process. 

One that requires daily actions. Showing up. Being willing to shift.


And it’s not all hard work - transformation can be extremely enjoyable, playful, light, & inspiring...


when you have a cheerleader - teacher, friend, guide - helping you to navigate your way through this journey of empowerment.

To not only offer you the knowledge, tools, perspectives, & practices to create lasting, profound shifts in your inner state of being, but also to encourage you. 

To keep you on track when you need to realign. 

To be there in your corner when the shadow work gets hard.

To reflect to you just how much you have shifted & continue to evolve.

To allow you to see the power of who you really are.

That's what I'm here for!

This is why I have created the

Embodied Mastery Mentorship Journey.

As someone who has taken countless trainings, seminars, workshops, courses, & read a ton of self-help, personal development, psychology, & philosophy materials… I had a huge resource of knowledge from a very early age. 


I studied spirituality as a teen, & continued to learn through my adult life.


But it was only when I reached a ‘rock-bottom’ moment in some dark times that I realized I needed to put what I knew into practice.


It wasn’t enough to get the instant gratification of reading a book where you have tons of insights & ah-ha moments, only to forget about it a week later.


It was through mindfulness that my reprogramming of my self-destructive thoughts, damaging beliefs, anxiety and depression was healed.


Every day I took these lessons into my daily life. 

You can read more about my journey to

create My Freedom Frequency.

With my rich experience in my own personal healing journey, as well as my studies, working with many different people in-person & online, teaching, speaking, & facilitating, I am well-equipped to hold space for you & have devoted my life’s work to doing so - My Freedom Frequency was created as a way to be in service of helping others become free.

In short...

the real shift came from embodying the lessons. 

That’s what I am here to offer you in this immersive Embodiment Mastery Experience.


For 3 months, we will journey through your limiting beliefs, stories, thoughts, conditioning & programming that is holding you back. 


It’s not about becoming someone NEW or DIFFERENT.


It is about unraveling all that is NOT YOU. The stories, illusions, & fears that are in the way.

All that you desire to be & feel is already there for you, I’m here to help you uncover it.

In the Embodiment Mastery Mentorship, you will:

  • learn how to move past being a victim & forgive.

  • see all that has happened to you with new eyes. 

  • heal childhood wounding that come out as triggers & impact your adult life.

  • develop the capacity to observe your mind & thoughts, & masterfully realign yourself back to peace, moment-to-moment.

  • move beyond the ‘stories’ you tell yourself about life, people, yourself, & situations, & see the truth as it is - beyond illusion. 

  • learn the art of communication. 

  • explore sensuality as a gateway for a deeper experience of life.

  • understand how to alchemize your emotion, without being ruled by the emotional fluctuations.

  • learn how to hold difficult situations, & lessen the suffering of life.

  • learn how to manage stress, anxiety, & grief.

  • understand the roots of your procrastination, & learn how to become more self-motivated.

  • be connected to your purpose & mission. 

  • explore masculine & feminine dynamics for relating to yourself, & to enhance your relationships with friends, family, & partners.


developing the capacity to master your inner world will touch all aspects of your life.

Who is this for?

  • Men & women over 18 years of age.

  • Those ready to up-level in their relationships, purpose, work, & everyday life.

  • People who wish to deepen their meditation practice (or start a practice - it’s ok if you’ve never meditated!)

  • Those ready to stop living a complacent, average life, & start living life to the fullest.

  • If you are ready to take responsibility for your life - not make excuses.

  • People who wish to learn how to communicate with others more masterfully.

  • People who want to feel more magnetic, powerful, & sensual.

  • People who want to learn more about feminine & masculine dynamics (especially in partnership).

  • People who suffer from, or have suffered from, anxiety, overthinking, regret, grief, depression, & more.

  • People who may be, or have in the past, struggled with eating disorders (and you feel able to mentally show up for this program).

Who is this not for?

  • If you are not a FULL YES, please wait until this feels like a full body yes for you.

  • Those who do not have the funds to invest in themselves.

  • People who are struggling with intense mental illness conditions & are not able to show up with enough mental space to take in the information. 

*I am not a certified therapist. I am a guidance coach, meditation and embodiment teacher, speaker, facilitator, and more. I do not claim that this is certified therapy. This work is deeply therapeutic, and something that healed by diagnoses of anxiety, depression, & an eating disorder, but please know that if you are looking for a certified therapist - not alternative mentorship - please look elsewhere.

The Journey

This is an exclusive 3-month high-level private mentorship program.

I work with both men & women.

You’ll have the choice between two 3-month programs:

Immersive Deep-Dive

  • Receive WEEKLY 90-minute video Mentorship calls (4 per month - 12 in total)

  • Unlimited Support via WhatsApp voice messaging in between Mentorship Calls - this is huge - I make myself available to respond to you with voice-note coaching throughout the entire 3-months

  • Personalized in-depth call summaries, practices, meditations created just for  you to do between each Mentorship Call

  • Discounts on ALL future programs & retreats with Shae.

Spacious Integration

  • Receive FORTNIGHTLY 90-minute video Mentorship calls (2 per month - 6 in total)

  • Unlimited Support via WhatsApp voice messaging in between Mentorship Calls - this is huge - I make myself available to respond to you with voice-note coaching throughout the entire 3-months

  • Personalized in-depth call summaries, practices, meditations created just for  you to do between each Mentorship Call

  • Discounts on ALL future programs & retreats with Shae.

Please note: All Private Mentorship calls will be conducted via Zoom video.

The next step to apply

In your application, you will explain why you are attracted to this offering. The next step will be to receiving a free consultation call for us both to determine whether we are a great fit.

From working with hundreds of people leading programs, classes, workshops, trainings, teacher trainings, retreats, & 1-1 coaching, I understand how vital it is for the mentor & the mentee to be compatible. This is why it is application-based. 

I only take on 2-3 clients during a 3-month period, so spaces are very limited. 

You can apply, & I will let you know if you are on the waitlist, or accepted for a callThe next step is to apply 

For inspiration, special offers, & more, stay in touch! 

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