Grounded  Goddess      Ebook $8 usd


This is for the GROUNDED woman, looking to explore her relationship to her masculine & feminine energy in practical ways. 

Goddess Archetype work can actually be very grounded.


Oftentimes, when we work with the energetics of masculine & feminine, we can get lost in the concepts, theories & stories, yet not feel this knowledge to be totally relatable to everyday life. 

It is beautiful to explore this inner work, yet what we need, especially as women who are innately expressive in their core feminine, is to anchor these lessons into our worlds - our everyday life - to really feel the shifts & transformation that can occur.

This book is a little taster into Goddess Archetype work, giving you a newfound perspective into how practical it can really be when you do the work & how relatable archetype work really is. 

This short book is a prelude to a more comprehensive book coming in the future, though already it contains actionable insight & value for the reader to take into your life.

We explore:
- Masculine & Feminine energy - the concept of duality
- Shiva & Shakti meaning & why archetypes are so powerful
- Intro into 4 archetypes (Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi & Kali)
- How these archetypes are energies within you 
- Journal Prompts to reflect upon and to express these energies in your daily life.

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