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I'm Shae, and I'm delighted to share with you this powerful work. 

There are different pathways to freedom. 

I have gone down many of these paths - different religious and spiritual practices, psychological therapy, and somatic work.

I have found that the work of embodiment - specifically based on mindfulness and taoist thought, is what continues to have the most profound effects on touching the freedom of being that I once searched so hard to find. 

It is all within you.


I believe my journey through darkness in life was always meant to initiate me to serve others.


My deepest desire is for you to know the freedom that exists within you - and live from that place.  

My healing journey from mental and physical illness is what let me to end my 'past life' of attempting to please others and succeed in what was expected of me, leave it all behind, move to Bali and immerse myself into mindfulness, movement, meditation and feminine arts.

I went through the muck to get there. I was challenged, in pain, confused and shut off.

In my early adult life, I developed a mental illness in an eating and over-exercise disorder brought about by unexpressed grief at the loss of my mother, as well as other unresolved traumas that I never really allowed myself to feel. 

The loss, pain, and heartbreak were the catalysts for transformation.

There are so many paths to peace and healing. Mine was steeped in practices of mindfulness, creativity, art, writing, dance and speaking out and sharing with others. I practiced every day. I learned the tools to shift limiting beliefs, release stagnant energy, find healthy ways to feel and express emotion, and listen to my intuition to make empowered and creative decisions for my life.

I draw from Taoism, Buddhist philosophy, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, somatic movement, and more. My work has been influenced by the likes of Alan Watts, Thich Nhat Hahn, Eckhart Tolle Wayne Dyer, David Deida, John Wineland, Alison Armstrong, among others. 

I moved to Bali a year after what I would call my 'awakening', and continued to dive deeper into my practices, taking many trainings and self-development courses in various areas from yoga to mindfulness and feminine and tantric arts.


As the years progressed, I began to teach yoga and meditation, and facilitate classes, workshops, trainings, retreats, and immersions in mindfulness and feminine arts.

My work has evolved to offer programs & experiences focused on the dynamic pillars of self-expression. 

I lead:

  • online women's circles

  • online live programs

  • online courses

  • 1-1 coaching

  • mindfulness meditation & practices

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"You have the capacity to expand your self-awareness in such a way that you ignite deep transformation, unleash your most authentic, fully expressed self, & live from a place of deep grounding & solidity.


You have all you need within you to feel inner peace. 


You have all you need to embody that in your every day life, moment to moment.


I'm here to help you learn how."

- Shae