Relational Communication: It doesn’t have to be this hard!

Updated: May 28

Here's a recent story about my experience with relational communication.

This morning I felt retraction in my body.

Hurt in my heart.

I asked him a question.

He responded truthfully.

This led to a longer conversation. And the very thing that I was reacting to earlier completely dissolved. The power it had over the state of my heart was released.

The very topic was one that would usually bring about separation in couples. Maybe the main area that would create disconnection, blame, and fear in partnerships.

And somehow, just 30 minutes later, we landed into a state of deeper connection by the end of our conversation.

Sweetness. Love. Understanding. Acceptance.

Creative energy & inspiration to continue to move towards one another.

Wanna know the secret to great communication in a relationship?

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Relational Communication: How can difficult situations lead to a beautiful place?

It was the way we communicated with one another. Here’s how we did it:

  • Both staying true to why we are even having the conversation - to CONNECT

  • Our willingness to understand each other’s process & experience without making it wrong (even if it’s different from our own)

  • Not making ourselves wrong for how we feel

  • Owning our feelings & desires

  • Proposing ways to move forward

We stayed in our hearts. We spoke clearly, vulnerably & mindfully to hold the other’s experience simultaneously with our own truth. THIS IS WHY I am offering a course on relational communication. Because I am living it. I’m living proof that this stuff WORKS.

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Yes, my partner met me in that space. But there are many other experiences where simply just YOUR end of the communication can shift an entire experience without the other person even being aware.

When you learn how to refine your communication, even hard conversations can lead to beauty.

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Relational Communication

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