Space: How it is essential to create better communication in your relationship

Most of us equate being alone as lonely. A lot of people enter relationships just so they don’t have to be alone, and that is sad. The truth is, even you are in a relationship, you also need to have your space.

If you enter a relationship for the joy of connecting with this person, then know that taking space (and feeling good about it) is going to be a key factor in how healthy the relationship is.

Even you are alone right now, not in a partnership, you are still in a relationship — a relationship with yourself.

And I believe that your personal space is essential to keep your relationship healthy because knowing yourself completely will dictate how you interact with others, whether they are your partner, family, friends, or coworkers.

Now, let’s answer the question, “How can personal space be a form of communication in a relationship?”

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1 – It allows you to meditate and think clearly

When you meditate, you are communicating with yourself. We all know that if you have better communication with yourself, it makes you calm and gives you peace of mind.

It gives you a deeper understanding of your inner world, and this awareness is empowering for you to make choices to reprogram your negative or limiting patterns of thought and beliefs, to think optimistically, and easily transmit positive vibes towards others.

If you have space, you can discover a lot of things about yourself and the people around you. You come across new skills and realize something that you will never notice when you are with someone else.

It gives you the freedom to decide what you want to happen in your daily life.

Ultimately, developing a strong relationship with you is going to give you the tools to develop strong and healthy relationships with others, since you are bringing more awareness and clarity into your interactions.

2 – It helps you build trust in relationships

If you’re not always together, you need to trust each other. You have to be more open and honest to have a healthy relationship. Giving your partner the space they need is a great way of telling them that you believe in them.

There’s a saying that “Once trust is broken, it can’t be fixed.” But why would you wait for that moment to happen if you can prevent it by giving yourself and your partner some time to breathe and confirm the certainty of your relationship?

Trust yourself and it will be easy for you to trust others.

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3 – It opens lines of communication

Having space in your everyday life lets you miss each other and treasure every moment that you will share. This is where the effort comes in. You and your partner can be more creative and initiative when it comes to communicating.

When you have time alone, you will be able to develop your maturity. And we all know how important maturity is in a relationship.

We can say that it’s the primary opener towards the lines of communication and enable each of you to look forward to a more successful future together.

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Heal and harmonize your relationships through powerful communication

Personal space can help you appreciate self-love! And yes, it is a form of communication in a relationship.

Though every relationship is different, it is true that every successful relationship is founded upon how you communicate. So if you’re serious about creating a lasting, harmonious relationship, investing your time and energy learning how to communicate with power, truth, confidence, and love, is essential.

This is what I am here to share. Through my professional and personal experience, I am geared towards helping individuals and couples communicate their needs, desires, and truth with more grace, harmony, and power to create healing and deeper intimacy in relationships. Together, let’s discover the beauty of communication and understand the different means to communicate in a relationship in my upcoming course.

This course is not just all about what you read in books. I speak about my learnings from my experiences.

So, if you want to master this skill and change the course of your relationship, learn the essential and powerful communication techniques in my communication course for couples and individuals.

The next round starts June 22nd, 2021... but a recorded version of the course is available if you can't make the live option!

We are not just going to talk about space. We will also have compelling discourse towards honesty, sensitivity, boundaries, play, and connection.

Come and join me and my partner, Andrew, as we lead you through this powerful 6-week Heal and Harmonize Communication course.

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