"The Retreat with Shae was nothing I could have ever imagined. We dug deep, opened our hearts and some wounds, cried, laughed, danced, created, reconnected with ourselves, collaborated with each other, took silence, played in and with nature, and so much more...

What it really shed light on was how we each embody our feminine and masculine DIFF-ER-ENT-LYYYY (remembering that ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ aren’t defined as ‘Female’ and ‘Male’, they are just energies that we ALL embody).

How I embrace my feminine or masculine will look and feel different to my girlfriends, my mum, my nan, to the waitress who just took my order... and to YOU.

I found this so freaking liberating and empowering!

I get to explore and define the roles that both energies play in my life and how I can tap into and dance with those energies uniquely depending on the situation so I can feel MY most empowered in everyday life."


- Cinta, October 2019

"No words are fair to describe how I feel right now... I am in complete awe, overwhelmed with joy, love, and gratitude, for having listened to my intuition and deciding to be a part of this experience. 


It was a gift, witnessing and being part of the transformational journey of every single woman who took part on this retreat, because that is what a retreat does to you... it changes your life forever. There is a before and an after. You will never be the same as you came.


Shae, thank you for creating such a safe and beautiful space for us to be seen, heard and felt. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for being you."


- Paula, October 2019

"Wow... I am lost for words and so grateful I listened to the whisper of my soul to follow you as my teacher and guru.


Your authenticity and intentions are beyond what I ever anticipated.


Thank you for holding space in the most light hearted way.


If anyone is interested in anything like this, I promise you ladies this will benefit your life in more ways than you could imagine"


- Holly, October 2019.

Gerri, October, 2019.

"Nothing has ever helped me emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually more than this immersion did. Shae is a kind, generous, positive, intuitive, strong, powerful and wise guide in this world & to be involved in her immersion was a truly evolutionary experience I will take with me forever. Thank you Shae!"

- Lily, Australia

"It takes more than words to describe Shae's endless positivity, support, talents, delicacy, perseverance, strength, bubbly energy & her inspiring nature! She embodies the best of both worlds - softness & strength, action & rest, self-care & support. All that deep self-work ripples throughout everything she does"

- Vanessa, Bali.

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