The Art of Communication

6-Week Online Communication Course

You will either fulfill your desires, or move away from them based on your mastery of communication.  

Communication is one of the most undervalued human skill-sets.


it has been missed.

We are taught the mechanics of how to read, write, & speak.


the art of communication

But we aren't taught

  • How to listen deeply.

  • How to express our needs & desires.

  • How to say yes & no with love.

  • How to be in a challenging situation & stay in harmony with another - rather than confusion, hurt, & arguing.

  • How to use our voice in powerful ways to express ourselves, & create a deeper impact on the world.

Everything we do in life is communication.

We express through words, our bodies, & our energy.


We are constantly communicating to the world our ideas, beliefs, values, perceptions, & goals...


We do this through what we say, write, how we work, relate & how we behave in all situations. 

communication course

When you learn how to communicate effectively, you enhance your relationships, feel more at peace with yourself, & know your power as a creator of your life.


Do you have trouble speaking up?

Feel like people don't understand you when you try to express yourself?


Know that you could be more powerful in how you show up, but don't know how?

how to communicate

Learn to connect with your deepest truth & intuition, & have the confidence to speak up for your desires & needs in a clear, loving, honest way.

Feel the resonance of your voice & where you speak from - embodying a tone of voice that is uniquely yours.

confident communication

 Get rid of speech patterns that take away your power (hesitating, rushing your words, saying ‘umm’ & ‘like’).

Learn how to be clear in written & verbal communication, cleaning up your communication with technical tips for writing & speaking. 

relationship mastery

Rather than reactive communication - creating confusion, arguments, hurt, & blame - learn how to embody responsive, conscious communication. 

Show up in your relationships in your power to communicate clearly, directly, & also balanced with love & care.


Welcome to My Freedom Frequency.


I've been a passionate communicator my entire life. 

Since I could pick up a pen, I started creative writing.


I evolved from writing poetry & stories, to studying advanced English.


This led me to later spending a decade working in professional writing through articles, marketing & sales copy, academic materials, narrative construction for brands, & more. 

Not only do I love the technical aspects of communication, but I am most interested in the psychology of communication - both verbal & non-verbal.


I love the exploration of how we express ourselves with our bodies & our voices.


I am passionate about sharing with others how to harness more powerful self-expression, honest, & love to create deeper connections through clear communication.


I have been a speaker, teacher trainer, & group-work facilitator for years.

I’ve been working in the realm of masculine & feminine dynamics for the past 5 years, & also teach about the art of relational communication to create deeper, more loving & long-lasting relationships.

communication coach

I'm Shae

I have created this journey to help men & women connect with their truth, learn how to express it, & feel the power of owning their voices in their life, relationships, work, & soul-purpose.

I cannot wait to share this life changing work of beginning your journey to master the art of communication with you!

Past Participants

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effective communication course

Week 1: Pillars of Communication

Learn about the core elements that make up communication: voice tone, words, speech patterns, body language, relational dynamics.

Understand how they all play into how confident you feel, how harmonious your relationships are, & how powerful your alignment with your life's mission is.

Week 2: Truth Codes & Blocks to Communication

What is stopping you from fully embodying your authentic voice, speaking up for your needs & desires?


Learn how to connect with your deepest truth & begin the process of untangling the blockages you have to communicating clearly, from your heart.

Week 3: Own your Voice

Begin to re-program your communication patterns:


  • Saying too much or too little

  • Not being able to express your YES & NO powerfully

  • Using ‘filler’ words, rushing your speech

  • Feeling insecure

  • Shutting down your voice...

effective communication

Week 4: Creative Expression

Understand how expressing yourself in more creative ways - through story telling, poetry, journalling - allows you to listen more deeply to yourself, connect to intuitive wisdom, & express yourself to the world.

Weeks 5 & 6: Relational Communication

Half of communication is deep listening. Learn how to get to the core of what is being said, & what you desire to say, to create more clear & direct, yet heart-centered communication with others.

Understand masculine & feminine dynamics (or yin & yang communication) to create more harmony in your partnerships, friendships, family, & professional communication. 


$222 USD

Conscious communication course