Women-Only 6-Week Live Online Group Program

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Imagine living each day fully expressed.

Totally connected to your body, grounded, & comfortable in your own skin.

Owning the deliciousness of YOU.

Completely in your power.

Ignite your sensual essence.


The Art of Sensuality

will unlock that.

Have you ever felt less sensual & juicy purely because of the thoughts & feelings that come up when you think of the word 'sensuality?' 

As if you it is something you really don't see yourself as?


As if that is not 'you.'

Here's the secret. 

You already are sensual.


Purely because you are a human in a body.

Red Flowers

It's just that there are blocks that have unknowingly been created in how you feel & express yourself.

...like a numbing of the sensations of your body.

The Art of Sensuality

will unlock that.

Do you often feel Dull? Flat? Almost robotic as you move through the world?

Do you often feel not present, & like you're stuck in your head?

Image by Anh Nguyen

Or that you once felt sensual & fully-expressed, but somehow lost it?

When you open up the doorway

to your unique sensual expression, you are opening yourself up not only to experience yourself in a new, expanded way, but to also be felt by others from your place of heart-centered, divine, playful power.


What you will learn

You will learn how to respond to life, not react.

You become present & sensitive to the environment in such a way that you are able to discern what actions to take & who it feels right to interact with in life.

You will be more aligned with your core values.

You become aware to your reactions to situations, thoughts, & beliefs, & empower yourself to take actions that are in line with your core values, rather than running on auto-pilot.

You will discover your creative potential.

Through deepening your sensitivity to your inner world, you are able to harness this intuitive power to create the life you desire. You'll channel creative, inspired energy into your life, work, & relationships.

You will embrace & ignite

your sexuality.

Sensuality & sexuality have a symbiotic relationship. en you connect with your sensuality, you tap into your sexuality, enhancing your sexual energy in a way that is solid, sensitive, & discerning (rather than energetically needy or leaky). You will release shame, conditioning & blockages around sexual expression.


The Program

  •  2 live group calls per week for 6-weeks (1.5 hour length)

  • 12 calls in total

  • Meditations & assignments to integrate the learnings into your daily life.

  • Each week, 1 call is content, sharing & reflections, and 1 call is for an embodied sensual practice (dance, meditation, sounding, etc. 

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Exploring what sensuality is. Touching the senses.

Week 2: What blocks sensuality? Uncovering layers holding you back.

Week 3: Sensuality and sexuality - the differences & the relationship between the two.

Week 4: Sensuality embodied in daily life.

Week 5: Your unique sensual expression - exploring authenticity.

Week 6: Sensual transmissions - sharing your sensual self through artistic expression.

VIP Program

The VIP sensual experience is an option to go deeper & receive 1-1 guidance with Shae over the course of the program. You will receive an additional 3 1-hour private calls, with personalized reflections & practices.

This will give you 15 calls in total.

Dates & Times

The Dates for the next Program in 2021 will be announced over email & Instagram. If you are not yet connected, add your email below.


Interested to join but can't make the live calls?

You can take the RECORDED option of this course, where you will receive all recordings of the calls & practices, as well as all materials & access to our private Facebook group to connect.

In your application, there will be a a place to share

The 6-week program is $588 USD.

This can be split into multiple payments, if needed. 

The 6-week VIP Program is $788 USD.

The recorded program option is $344 USD.