Are you going through a situation that shakes up your world and ways of functioning, such as a break-up, a new family situation or business, a loss or change of job, a health problem?

Would you like to experience these transitions as a springboard to personal transformation with more meaning, direction, confidence, and vitality?


Would you like to transform your ability to manage stress and anxiety, deal with your own and others' anger, express yourself with confidence, and listen with sensitivity?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes,

transformational coaching is for you.


Embark on a journey of self-transformation. Recover your creative potential and rediscover your professional abilities. Gain more autonomy, self-esteem, and a greater sense of responsibility. Access your vision, goals, and desires.


Welcome to My Freedom Frequency.

transformational coaching

What is transformational coaching?

The transformational coaching process provides the client with self-discovery questions that increase your level of insight and accountability. You benefit from a strong support structure and a valuable source of feedback. 


This powerful method invites the transformation of certain daily practices around aspects of your life where you know that results can be improved or certain behaviors that generate dissatisfaction or tension with yourself or with the people around you. 


The transformational coaching programs allow clients to quickly release work or personal blockages, achieve lasting changes, and move forward with confidence towards their desired destination.

A recognized and innovative program

When the challenges of life sometimes lead us to doubt ourselves, outside help is essential to regain self-confidence and dispel the fears that clog our existence.


That’s what coaches are for!


Each session gives you the opportunity and tools to tackle certain habits and to find a new way of action in order to create a more balanced, rewarding, and fulfilling lifestyle.


This approach promotes involvement, cohesion, and cooperation so that together we can achieve results that are far superior to those you will obtain on your own.


Save some precious time and let yourself be guided! The actions you’re taking today will shape your tomorrow. 

transformational coach

The flow of the transformation coaching sessions

Sessions are held in person or by video conference, depending on your availability. Typically, the course evolves over a period of 3 to 12 months, and meetings are held on a regular basis. 


The information shared during the training is kept strictly confidential.


Get ready to release your old patterns and beliefs. Step into your power with the help of your radiant coach, Shae. She’s changing lives through her group programs and 1-1 transformational coaching mentorships… why not let her enhance yours?